Canning & Sealing Units

Product Image (IK-419)

Can Flanging Machine

Suitable for flanging can ends after reforming speed 10 to 15 cans/ min

Product Image (IK-422)

Can Body Reformer

(a) Hand worked model (b) Motorized Model

Product Image (IK-420)

Can Rectifier Unit

Flange Rectifier (Hand operated) Suitable for reforming and straightening the flanges of cans which have become buckled or distorted during handling/ storage.

Product Image (IK-424)

Can Sealing Machine

This is heavy duty machine mounted on a mild steel stand, suitable for seaming cans of size 201-700 dia and of 9-3/8" height range.

Product Image (IK-428)

Canning Retort

The canning retort utilizes steam based process for complete sterilization of cans and bottles after sealing.

Product Image (IK-414)

Crown Corking Machine

Suitable for sealing crown corks on glass bottles.

Product Image (IK-425)

Double Seamer (1 Ads Type)

Mounted on a mild steel stand. Suitable for seaming cans between 202-700 dia range 2"-9.3/8" height range.

Product Image (IK-427)

Double Seamer (102 DS)

This heavy duty double seamer is suitable for continuous and high speed seaming of cans.

Product Image (IK-426)

Double Seamer (Can Still Type 24 DS)

The double seamer is suitable for high speed hermetic seaming of OTS Cans still type seamen Suitable for seaming cans between 202-700 dia ranges.

Product Image (IK-418)

Lars Sealer

Heavy duty with automatic threading and roller operation

Product Image (IK-421)

Lid Embossing Machine

This machine is designed to emboss standard ends with the required reference letters of figures.

Product Image (IK-416)

Lug Cap Sealing Machine

This is a semi-automatic sealer with easy foot switch and lever operation.

Product Image (IK-415)

P.P Cap Sealing Machine

The PP Cap sealer is ideally suitable for sealing bottles/ bottle capping with pilfer proof caps.

Product Image (IK-404)

Rosing Machine

These Rosing machines are suitable for the extraction of lemon and tight skin oranges.

Product Image (IK-423)

Round Can Body Beader

Suitable for beading of cans.

Product Image (IK-405)

Orange And Lemon Halving Machine

Capacity 60-90 fruits per minute


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