Analytical Equipment

Product Image (IK-321)

Electronic Water Soil Analyser Kit

Based on advance electronic technology for water analysis, pollution control, laboratory analysis, soil testing etc.

Product Image (IK-318 / IK-318A / IK-318B)

Flame Photometer (Digital and Microprocessor)

Single Aspirations, with filter (Na &K).

Product Image (IK-305 / IK-306 / IK-307)

Conductivity Meter

Digital / Microprocessor / Portable

Product Image (IK-316)

Auto Karl Fischer Titri Meter

Supplied complete with all standard accessories

Product Image (IKB-001-IKB-007)

Balance (Various)

Balance (High Precision, Analytical, Precision Gold, Compact, Table Top, Platform Balances)

Product Image (IK-211 / IK-211A)

Bomb Calorimeter Digital & Microprocessor (with Safety Device)

For determination of heat combustion of organic matter and calorific value

Product Image (IK-201)

Colony Counter

Fitted with automatic 3 digits LED Digital Display

Product Image (IK-315)

Nephelo Meter

3-1/2 Digit LED Display Range up to 200 NTU

Product Image (IK-301 / IK-302 / IK-303 / IK-304)

pH Meter (Digital/Microprocessor)

2 or 3 point calibration

Product Image (IK-317)

Potentio Meter

For Redox Potential Measurement 3-1/2 digit LED Display

Product Image (IK-310)

Salinity Meter

3-1/2 digit LED Display with Salinity cell and other accessories (table model)

Product Image (IK-309)

TDS Meter

Complete with all standard accessories


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